• October 22Fall break
Mental health counselor Mrs. Sarah Ehlich offered advice to students for dealing with stress.
Counselor notes strategies for dealing with stress
Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Co-Editor-in-Chief • October 22, 2020

Covid-19 has endlessly tested the limits of healthy mindsets for millions across the world. Mental health therapist Mrs. Sarah Ehlich said, “It’s normal to feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, lonely and disappointed.”  According...

Voting, working the polls counts as excused absence
Voting, working the polls counts as excused absence
Caroline Schilling, Reporter • October 21, 2020

With Nov. 3 election coming up, students’ attendance may be affected if they participate. In past elections, some students have missed some or all of the school day working the polls or voting. Student services assistant...

Last year
We the People team prepares for Nov. 7 Regional
Ellie Moores, Reporter • October 21, 2020

The school's nationally recognized We the People team, which is affiliated with a national program put on by the Center for Civic Education, is back this year. Still wanting to compete and showcase their knowledge and talent,...

Ceramics and STEM students will work together
Teacher offers online yoga during Mission Mondays
For these students, no rush to get their license
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Wearing a mask -- and wearing it correctly -- is just one of the ways we can make sure to do what we need to do to remain on campus for our classes.
Editorial: If we want to stay on campus, it's up to us
Megaphone Staff • October 20, 2020

We’re still in school, other than on Mission Mondays, so let’s do everything we can to make sure that this continues to be the case.  Everybody remembers that day a few months ago when schools...

This year, the Homecoming dress-up day included masks.
Editorial: Thanks to all for an amazing Homecoming
Megaphone Staff • October 12, 2020

Dress up days, fun assemblies, fundraisers, a Homecoming court and more weren’t necessarily at the front of anyone’s mind with all the circumstances and focus into how to simply get through a school...

The freshmen, sophomores and juniors gathered for Mass on the football field on Sept. 11.
Editorial: Being on the Hill is worth the effort
Megaphone Staff • September 21, 2020

Since the day quarantine hit back in March, wearing masks, remaining socially distant, washing your hands more often and slathering on hand sanitizer has all seemed more of a big part of life now than...

Students participating in the school
Editorial: Our tradition of community service continues
Megaphone Staff • September 3, 2020

Thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Shannon Fox ‘80, the Christian service administrator, Cathedral can continue to be a bright spot in the community despite the varying Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions....

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