The daycare is a great option for staff and faculty to be near their children.
Irish Blessings Daycare
Krystal Veguilla, Reporter • September 23, 2022

Irish Blessings makes life more convenient for staff members knowing that their children are close by. When staff  members are done working, they can go and pick up their kids instead of driving far places and wasting more...

CHS LIVE 9/23/22
CHS LIVE 9/23/22
September 23, 2022

Nurse Marianne Vogt ‘83 answered questions about the school’s Flu Vaccine Clinic which will be held on Sept. 27 in the Mimm’s Gym.
Flu Vaccination Clinic on Sept. 27
Daniel Kent, Reporter • September 23, 2022

As flu season ramps up, the school is preparing for increased infection rates this year. Nurse Marianne Vogt ‘83 said, “I do think everyone’s pretty much in agreement that (the flu season) is going to be fairly bad.”...

Dedicated staff keeps our campus clean
As he retires, Mr. Miller reflects on his career
Graduation speaker’s advice: Be purposeful
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The opening of the new Innovation Center was just one of the many highlights of a successful school year.
Editorial: It was another banner year for the Irish
Megaphone Staff May 13, 2022

As another school year comes to a close up on the Hill, Cathedral students and faculty, and all of the Irish family, can look back with gratitude on what was a restorative and successful year.  Many...

Students participate in the multicultural assembly in the Welch Activity Center.
Editorial: Diversity makes our school stronger
Megaphone Staff April 15, 2022

While Cathedral High School is successful for many reasons, its specialized efforts to promote diversity and inclusion have set it apart from other high schools and helps to provide students with a safe...

Even though it was delayed by two snow days, the Winterfest assembly definitely was one of the highlights of the third quarter.
Editorial: The Irish experienced a great third quarter
Megaphone Staff March 17, 2022

As we head to the final nine weeks of the school year, there was much to celebrate during the third quarter.  As students (and quite possibly faculty even more) look forward with excitement to spring...

With the decrease in the number of Covid cases, wearing a mask on campus is no longer required.
Editorial: Seeing light at the end of the Covid tunnel
Megaphone Staff February 28, 2022

Compared to March 2020, the Covid-19 guidelines are going in a completely new, positive direction. Masks used to be strictly mandated across the country; they are now optional on campus. Anyone who was...

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