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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana


The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana


Jaron Tibbs wins City Athlete of the Year
Jaron Tibbs wins City Athlete of the Year
June 1, 2023

The tricycles wait, set up perfectly, for the race to begin.
Crossing the Finish Line
Olivia Uskert, Reporter • May 22, 2023

Although finals loom over the heads of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, nothing could stop them from celebrating their last day of regular school on Friday with the last assembly of the year, featuring the annual Irish...

AP Courses on The Hill
AP Courses on The Hill
May 19, 2023

More Than Just a Daisy
End of an Era
One Project Can Make a Difference
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A simple Google search can give all the answers.
The Longest Word?
Avery Stuckey, Managing Editor • May 24, 2023

Everyone has written an essay or a speech making sure to include “big words” to impress the readers or listeners. I then began to wonder what are the biggest words people have used. While many thought...

Ally Pea reflects on her past and looks to her future.
It's Time
Allison Pea, Reporter • May 12, 2023

It is a glorious time when students are about to begin their summer vacations. For the seniors, this means we get to finish school a week early (no offense but the rest of y’all are suckers). However,...

Why I Chose Cathedral.
Why I Chose Cathedral - Abbie Yousaf
Abbie Yousaf May 1, 2023

There are 682 high schools in the Hoosier State. But, out of all 682 high schools, none of them touched me like Cathedral did. I made the decision to attend Cathedral High School after eighth grade. I...

The class of 2023 enter their final quarter as high school students.
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the (School) Year
Allison Pea, Reporter • March 7, 2023

March 15 marks the end of quarter three and while for most of us that means spring break, for seniors it means the end of high school is near. Everyone knows that March is that lovely time of the year...

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Sophomore Maddie Liter makes contact with a pitch. Liter’s home run gave the Irish the
lead in the City Championship on May 6.
Softball Captures City Title
Luke Spencer, Managing Editor/Sports Editor • May 16, 2023

After somewhat of a rocky start to their season, the softball team seems to have hit its stride. It has been a season filled with unprecedented adversity for the team, and they held an 8-7 record heading into the month of...

Brennan Wooten launches it 54’ 5” in the shot put!!!
Previous record was 52’ 8” held by Aaron Green in 2009
Track and Field School Records Broken
May 11, 2023


Caption: Seniors David Ayers and Kyuss Gargett and freshman Eli Sinsabaugh (L-R) pause for the national anthem before a game versus Zionsville on April 11. The Irish beat the Eagles 5-4.
Baseball to play in City Championship
Luke Spencer, Managing Editor/Sports Editor • May 9, 2023

Playing at Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis is something that baseball players across the state strive for, as it signifies playing for a championship. Each year the City Championship, Marion County Championship, and...

The Coffee House Jam is back this Saturday.
The Grind Never Stops
Allison Pea, Reporter • April 11, 2023
Members of the Cathedral Dance Team, led by Mrs. Jordan Fox, rehearse in the theater greenroom after school. The Dance Team performs at basketball games and school assemblies throughout the school year.
Gettin’ Their Groove On
Daniel Kent, Reporter • March 13, 2023