Bookstore/spirit shop manager ready for move

Relocation will occur later this fall


Cathedran file photo

The bookstore/spirit shop will have an expanded selection and more space when it moves later this fall.

Caroline Schilling and Avery Stuckey, Reporters

As the construction continues on campus, the bookstore has been scheduled to be relocated to the Innovation Center in late fall, progress continues on the new location, which will be at end of the math hallway in what was the physics room. 

The Innovation Center is bringing new advancements to the school including the new spirit shop. Spirit shop merchandising director Miss Emma Peebles is in charge of the logistics of the new store. She said she looks forward to the new opportunities to come with the construction. “I’m excited. I think that it will draw a lot of a crowd,” Peebles said. 

In the location of the previous store, there was limited space, which did not allow for all merchandise to be properly displayed. “It will offer new opportunities for merchandise to be sold that we couldn’t sell here just due to space restrictions,” Peebles said. The new merchandise will allow fans, students and staff to step up their show of school spirit. 

Included in the new store will be a set of exterior and interior doors, which will allow more visitors to come in and provide an a more convenient entrance. “We wanted a space where it can have its own entrance and exit door,” Peebles said. This door will allow for numerous visitors to come in and out during school hours as well as to allow easier access to the merchandise.

The bookstore is receiving another update as well. While there were no dressing rooms in the previous location, Peebles said, “We will also be having two dressing rooms, which will be really great because customers will be able to try on their pieces of clothing before they purchase.”

Construction started earlier in the year, and the building of the new bookstore is on track. “It’s stayed fairly close to the time it was charted to be finished with construction. I haven’t seen a huge impact due to COVID on the construction,” Peebles said. 

To stay up to date with the construction of the bookstore, giveaways, specials and other information, an Instagram account has been created. “It’s @cathedralspiritshop,” Peebles said. 

With the new addition to campus, the school is using the new bookstore as a positive impact to campus. Peebles said, “With the Innovation Center, they saw that as an opportunity to move, so that really motivated them.”