Face Off: Why I come to campus for instruction


Junior Reese Sanders

Reese Sanders, Contributor

School is in session and fall athletics are in full swing. Whether online or at school, Cathedral looks a little different this year. Cathedral is giving students the option to be educated online each quarter. A large number of students have decided to take the option of doing online school.

A big portion of the students online are fall athletes. I am a fall athlete in two sports this fall. I am a varsity cross-country runner and cheerleader. Despite the fact that I may be asked to quarantine or stay away from campus for two weeks, I have decided to stay in school and continue my education in person.

There is nothing better than waking up every morning knowing that I am able to go to school in such a beautiful and safe place. Driving up the Hill with my sister, listening to our favorite music, is my favorite way to start the day. The opportunity to come to this campus  and surround myself with such amazing people is something I just can’t quite give up. Like Dr. Bridges said, “Cathedral is a family, and families do better together.”

Not only would I feel disconnected from my Cathedral family, but in-person learning is something I need to reach my full potential. It’s easier to get help from teachers when I am struggling with a specific subject. New and harder level classes added to my schedule this year would be more challenging online. Hands-on learning keeps me accountable and participating in the classroom.

I am a student athlete that is very dependent on having a structured schedule. Staying in school allows me to do this. I perform best when I am structured and organized. Structured schedules make me more productive and disciplined. Participating in two sports during the fall would not be possible without having a structured and organized schedule.

Although I have decided to stay in school, I can see why other student athletes have decided to be online. Athletes, specifically seniors, cannot risk missing out on their last season of their high school career. Even though that is a risk when coming to school, I am extremely cautious and am making sure I am being smart and safe. I wash my hands, use hand sanitizer, wear masks, and social distance so I do not have to switch to online school. 

Why would I give up now? Why would I give up being out of school for a whole quarter vs. just two weeks? Either way, you can end up online. Might as well give in-person learning a chance, right? I believe if we all do our part, and we are responsible and safe, we can all remain here on the Hill.