Sept. 11 celebrations include Mass, community service

Principal’s assistant explains day’s goals and objectives


Cathedran file photo

The Welch Activity Center will be the site of the Irish 500 on May 20.

Ava Amos, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The school is operating on a special schedule once again on Sept. 11 in honor of many celebrations being madeon the Hill.

“The schedule was altered to celebrate Cathedral’s birthday. In celebrations, we plan to spend two days highlighting our Holy Cross values, the Brothers of St. Joseph and Cathedral’s history of excellence.To integrate as many traditions and community needs as possible, we have created a schedule that can accommodate most, if not all of them. Many Cathedral educators are working on making these days special and keeping our classroom time from being shortened,” the principal’s assistant, Mrs. Shannon Braun, wrote in an email.

Sept. 11 will also be a day for students to celebrate Mass together. Seniors will have Mass in the WAC in honor of Mario McCullough, and the juniors, sophomores and freshmen will be on the football field for their Mass together.  

Braun added that this celebration has been on the calendar for months. She said, “the original and traditional plan was to have a day of service and fan our students and educators throughout our community to serve. However, (Covid-19) took our plans off course a bit, and this schedule was created by a team to improvise in order to educate hearts and minds to serve the world.”

Miss Ashley Hill, director of Holy Cross integration, was a vital part in creating these special two days on Sept. 10 and Sept. 11. Hill said that she hopes students will benefit by gaining a deeper understanding and connection to the Holy Cross Core values and their Cathedral heritage.