County celebration allows students, to give back to those in need


Sam Mackell

Technology and county coordinator Mrs. Gara Schommer works to prepare for today’s county Christmas celebration.

Chandler Watson, Reporter

Today, a long standing tradition of kindness and giving back to the less fortunate takes place here: County Christmas.

The idea of County Christmas is that it is an annual school event that encourages students to give back to those who don’t have as much as others. Students bring in gifts for the people each town supports, then during flex, those students can wrap the presents, decorate sugar cookies or make ribbons with Christmas wishes on them.

After the school day, all the presents donated by the students, will be taken from the two trees in the Shiel Student Life Center and cafeteria, and they will be loaded up in many vehicles. The Schorr family will then to take the presents to the The Piarist School in Martin, Kentucky.

County Christmas is not only a school-wide event that sparks the good spirit in the school body, but it is also a great way to get closer with your county families.

“Students will be wrapping  presents and decorating sugar cookies together. Some towns are even doing a Secret Santa,” said Mrs. Gara Schommer, who coordinates county activities, including today’s.

Bonding moments

Junior Simon Inkrott, who is a Dublin County member, said, “I’m really excited to interact with my friends in my county for County Christmas. I’m also looking forward to the fun activities that my county leader has planned for (today).”

Teachers and students say they look forward to this bonding event. Science teacher Mr. Dustin Land said,” I think that County Christmas is awesome. I think that it’s really cool that we can give back to others and being able to give Christmas, through gifts, to children who might otherwise not have the opportunity to have a Christmas.”

Living out Holy Cross values

County Christmas allows both students and teachers her to spread the Christmas spirit and in doing so express the Holy Cross core value of option for the poor. And teachers aren’t the only ones excited for County Christmas, although for different reasons, students are enthused as well.

Students look forward to serving their community in a way that is bigger than themselves. They also look forward to giving a Christmas to many people, who before this year, may not have experienced the season in the way they will be this year. By students giving their time, talent and treasures to make better the community, they are living out the Holy Cross core values.

Freshman perspective

Freshman Zach Gregor, whose county is Wexford, said, “I am very excited for (today). Since it is my first year here, I am excited to see what County Christmas is like. I do have to say that I’m also pretty excited for the food in my county and the sugar cookies that we are decorating.”

He continued, “I think this will be good for the incoming freshmen and I to really see and learn what Cathedral is about in terms of service.”

Cathedral has a history of serving and getting the students and staff involved in helping not only this community but other communities around the nation and the world.

County Christmas provides an example of how Cathedral helps others and also of what the school is all about.