StuCo makes plans for a nontraditional Homecoming

Jamell: Determined to keep the celebration alive


Cathedran file photo

Last year, students crowded into the Welch Activity for the Homecoming assembly. That won’t happen this year.

Ellie Schnur , Reporter

Homecoming is destined to look quite different this year, just as many school traditions and events have been altered in the wake of the pandemic. 

In observance of health guidelines and restrictions, most classic elements of Homecoming are currently deemed unsafe and therefore cannot occur as they usually would.

However, Mrs. Kim Jamell, Spanish teacher and Student Council co-moderator, along with the entirety of the Student Council, are determined to keep the celebration alive. 

Jamell said, “We are doing anything we can to keep any tradition going that is possible and safe.” Although there is almost no chance the Homecoming dance will take place, other staples including decorating the halls, dressing up on theme days and watching the football game are in the works. 

Avoiding dangerous crowding in the hallways, Jamell proposed that four freestanding walls be placed outside for decoration, enabling more social distancing and less contact. Once completed, the walls could be brought inside for to show off. 

Jamell confirmed that designated dress up days can be executed as normal, as that tradition is not a threat to students’ health. 

Mass attendance at the Homecoming football game is prohibited, however, so Jamell and the administration are working to organize a viewing party or something of that nature.

For all that will be lost in light of Covid-19, the goal is sustain the spirit, excitement and enthusiasm of Homecoming. The largest damper on Homecoming traditions is the current mandate to avoid the “mixing of groups and audiences,” according to Jamell, but no one has given up hope. 

Alterations and adjustments to celebrations will cause Homecoming to look different, but different does not mean worse or less fun. The Student Innovation Team, Student Council and all of administration is committed to keeping as much normalcy as possible.

Additionally, Jamell noted, “If somebody out there has a great idea, email me.” Those responsible for planning and organizing this year’s Homecoming are open to suggestions and eager to pull this off as a united Cathedral team.