Face Off: Flex over longer passing periods


Sally Bradshaw

Sally Bradshaw

With the arrival Covid-19 came many new procedures and protocols, including one-directional hallways, making the commute to class even longer. However, this has gotten rid of flex, a decision I think should be reversed.

 Though safety is of the utmost importance in this uncertain time, so are the academic pursuits of students at this school. Flex provided a time for students to meet with teachers, make up tests and get that last minute assignment done before turning it in next period. After all, the reason for returning to in-person classes this fall (for most students) was to retain as much normalcy as possible and continue to educate the hearts and minds of the students.

 Another valuable function of flex is for clubs to meet, such as EMBRACE Club, the student unions, Girl Up Club and many others. Being able to socialize with friends and classmates with shared interests is one of the biggest motivators for students, and not having flex has taken that opportunity away. Many clubs and groups have resorted to meeting after school, which may not be an option for student athletes.

Because I am taking two foreign languages this year, along with my first AP class, I was really looking forward to having that extra time to study and get things done, especially because I don’t have a resource period. I am also a member of the cross-country team, a commitment that takes up a great portion of my afternoon free time, which means I’m usually working late and waking up early to get assignments done and prepare for tests or quizzes.

 Although the one-directional hallways may take students a few extra minutes to get to their next class, most students don’t usually take the full amount of time, leaving them idle in their classrooms, waiting for the bell to ring. Instead of having useless spare time at the start of class, students could reach out to their teachers and communicate any issues they may have with getting to class on time, and an arrangement could be worked out between that student and teacher.

 All in all, I believe we should bring back flex: a time to work toward your goals, and maybe have a little extra down time.