Free math tutoring now available in Loretto

Learning Commons provides help for students from students


Ashlynn Bakemeyer

Free math tutoring is now offered in the Learning Commons in Loretto Hall.

Will Mayer, Reporter

Free math tutoring is now offered by Crossroads Education in Room 2210, which is now referred to as the Learning Commons.

Mr. Parker Leisure from the Crossroads Education serves as the director of the Learning Center. Crossroads Education is a part of several high schools around the Indianapolis area, including Vanguard Collegiate, Ignite Achievement Academy and Paramount School of Excellence. Learning Centers also have been part of both Crispus Attucks and Shortridge high schools. 

This year, the administration decided it was time to have Leisure and his team become a part of the school, so the Learning Commons now occupies Room 2210, and the Learning Resource Center, which had been located in that room, was moved upstairs to Room 2314, replacing and moving what had been the only full faculty workroom in the building. 

The Learning Commons is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the school day. Anyone can come in as long as they have a pass from a teacher, preferably during their resource period. Students can become a tutor as long as they have successfully completed Algebra I. Tutors also earn community service hours for their work.

Leisure and Crossroads Education anticipate hearing from school administrators about the possibility of becoming instructional partners with the school. “Cathedral had always been on our radar. After we left Shortridge in January of this year, we were looking for a new place to stay,” Leisure said. 

With the impact of COVID-19, it is uncertain that face-to-face tutoring may be the best route when it comes to learning. There were many questions to be answered. Luckily, Leisure had those answers to how the coronavirus would impact the Learning Commons. “We had to make some accommodations. We have been keeping six feet away from each other and trying to only come close when it is needed.”

Within the last two weeks, new furniture was set up in the room, providing a space that is less like a traditional classroom and more like one in which tutoring, with the appropriate safeguards and social distancing, can take place. 

“We also have a virtual tutoring app called Nexus which we are working on getting up and running and we plan to have tutors available online.”

Leisure says he really has no idea why a math tutoring center would be placed in Loretto Hall, a building primarily used for English classes. “I guess it was just one of the bigger rooms that was open and ready for use,” he said.