Health classes provide vital Covid-19 information

Lowe’s students ‘are ahead of the curve’ on this topic


Maggie Johnson

Health teacher Ms. Rhonda Low gives directions during a PE class on the football field.

Ella Bundy, Reporter

Covid-19 has brought a new emphasis on personal health, and this school’s health teacher is providing her students with key information in her classes. 

Health and PE teacher Ms. Rhonda Low said, “I think we have more emphasis on taking care of the body, because we know youth is a benefit, and being thin and healthy is much better against the virus. I’ve brought in different aspects of different things.

“As we progress, I’ll be bringing in current things more frequently because it’s in the headlines and kids need to know about it. Last semester when I saw it coming, we did projects on Covid and got ahead of the curve.”

At this point in the midst of a stressful time, health class may be more important for more reasons than those traditionally instructed. Topics such as emotional and physical health are emphasized, and healthy eating also is taught in the course. 

However, health classes also teach the social and spiritual values of life, as well as how to do your own research.

You can’t believe everything you see and read.”

— Ms. Rhonda Low

“We’ve tried to talk to feeder schools to see what’s already been covered. Right now with the Covid situation, bringing in that issue is important because it teaches (students) that you can’t believe everything you see and read, and you have to research everything, even when you’re taught something different,” Low said.

She added, “You need to be on board with what is necessary to keep a community healthy. At this age, these aren’t things we commonly think about. Even adults don’t think, is this true? Is this valid? Is this safe? Most adults say that someone said something and therefore it can be trusted, but it might not be accurate.”

A big part of health class revolves around teaching students to think outside of the box and to understand that a student’s every action today can greatly affect them in the future. “The most important issue in health class that we try to convey to the kids is to understand the importance of taking care of their body now so they can be healthy later on. We want to increase their awareness of opportunities to stay healthy,” Low said.

“Covid is offering us things we don’t even realize,” Low said. “It’s giving us time to set individual goals about what you want to improve on, and that’s one thing that can change a person’s way of thinking a lot, especially in these times.”