Senior Class officers plan their last Homecoming

Decorating will be markedly different this year


Dearbhla Delaney, Reporter

Homecoming, which begins on Oct. 2 and wraps up with the varsity football game on Oct. 9 against Brebeuf Jesuit, is a festive week planned after hours of preparation and teamwork. 

Homecoming week takes weeks to pull off. Each class president and officers work with one another to choose their class theme, shirt design and decorations. They take time out of their day to focus on the ultimate goal of winning the spirit stick. For the seniors, it is their last year to go full out.

The Senior Class theme is Super Mario Seniors, in memory of the late Da’Mario McCullough. Senior Class president Ellie Thor and the class officers, Anne Marie King, Maura Flood, Katie O’Connor, Ariona Ayers, Kieran McCauley and Laura Lackey, worked on the weekends to create decorations and plans for the upcoming Homecoming week.

Thor said, “Homecoming is my favorite time of year. I think it’s a great way for the classes to connect through friendly competition, and it also is an essential part to Cathedral’s traditions.”  

Homecoming decorations are a tradition that will change this year.

With the coronavirus and construction, decorating will look different. There will not be any hallway decorations due to the potential danger to large groups of people gathered in an unorganized way. If the Sophomore Class were allowed to decorate their hallway, it would be inaccessible because of the construction. For the seniors, the decorations last year were more time consuming.

This year each class will decorate a trifold wall and will paint a parking spot.  Thor said, “Being a class officer since freshman year, me and the other officers have been able to finally get the hang of the decorating and we don’t even get to do our senior hallway. It’s very sad to have that taken away, but I really do think we can still have a great Homecoming this year.”