Coach provides insights into pandemic challenges

Hill notes that both coaches and teachers have adjusted


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Miss Ashley, who both coaches and teaches, provided her perspective on the challenges of doing both in the midst of Covid-19.

Ella Bundy, Reporter

Teachers have had to adjust their instruction in the midst of Covid-19. Coaches have altered practice and game regimens.

For several educators on the Hill who serve in both roles, they have done double duty this fall.

Miss Ashley Hill, director of mission Integration, English and math teacher and head boys’ and girls’ swimming coach, said,  “I would say that my classroom management style and my ability to form relationships with my students quickly stems from coaching,” Hill said, when referring to how coaching helps her teaching and teaching helps improve her coaching. 

Hill said, “I think the ability to begin with the end in mind comes from teaching, looking at where we want to finish and being able to work backwards and seeing skills that need to be improved, and then implementing practice plans that help develop those skills also comes from teaching, but works for every part of life.”

Sports teach attributes such as determination, team spirit, communication and the actual physical aspects of life; however, teaching emphasizes skills such as learning how to learn and knowing when a student needs to stop and take a minute, to figure out what to do. 

Coaching is teaching and teaching is coaching.”

— Miss Ashley Hill

“I think (teaching and coaching) just go really well hand in hand, as coaching is teaching and teaching is coaching. Everyone is treated the same. We’re all in different places and are trying to develop skills and my job is to help the students see how they learn best, and how to build their skills.

“This way when they leave high school, they can become lifelong learners, whether that’s on a sports team, in a boardroom or in another classroom, I want them to love learning and be able to engage in whatever they’re trying to understand,” Hill said.

Lessons to keep in mind when both learning under a teacher or a coach are those of patience, work ethic and the power of the mind.

Hill said, “Get to know the people that you’re working with. (President) Dr. (Robert) Bridges said the other day if we can connect with their heart, we can develop their minds,” Hill said. “It’s that human connection that helps our athletes and students allow themselves to learn. Since life’s a two-way conversation, you have to be willing to engage and try to learn. Those connections help that along quicker, making it more efficient.”

Hill also said that she is thankful for every day she gets to spend teaching and coaching students, because she learns lessons along with them and enjoys being the friend that they need.