Face Off: Biden for President


Senior Jacob Carlson

Jacob Carlson , Guest Columnist

Cathedral students, the 2020 election is just days away and it is one of the most defining elections in our nation’s history. Some of us will vote for the first time. 

After a difficult and divisive four years, America needs the leadership of Joe Biden.

We deserve a president who has the capacity to listen to the public, to his cabinet, military experts and the scientific community, including public health experts. Biden may have flaws, as does every presidential candidate, but President Donald Trump has a dangerous ego bigger than the country he is running.

Joe Biden knows and understands that our generation is the future of this country. That’s why a large chunk of Biden’s plans are directed toward benefiting and guiding our future. He has plans for taxes, healthcare, renewable energy, Covid-19 and the economy. You can read more about his solid plan at this website.

Voting should not be based on political propaganda, but on the candidate’s record. In 1972, Biden became one of the youngest senators in our nation’s history. He has worked with Republicans and has demonstrated an ability to compromise and move the country in a positive direction. 

With Trump as president, more than 220,000 Americans have lost their lives to Covid-19. His words fuel hate and his lies destroy our trust. Even his own Republican party has been torn apart, with countless former administration officials and military leaders openly endorsing Biden instead of their own party’s candidate. 

If you or your parents consider yourselves Republican, pay attention to what members of that party are saying: Biden is clearly the best candidate we have in 2020.

Some people will wonder if Biden or Trump is the more Catholic choice. In his new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis calls for a new way of thinking about our relationships. He calls for an openness to each other, including migrants, and caring and supporting the poor. “Without an attempt to enter into that way of thinking, what I am saying here will sound wildly unrealistic. On the other hand, if we accept the great principle that there are rights born of our inalienable human dignity, we can rise to the challenge of envisaging a new humanity. We can aspire to a world that provides land, housing and work for all. This is the true path of peace, not the senseless and myopic strategy of sowing fear and mistrust in the face of outside threats.” 

American voters have never faced a more crucial decision that will determine the path our country will take. Hate, deception and incompetence? Or compassion, unity, fairness and integrity? The future is in our hands. This election is truly a battle for the soul of our nation. Vote Biden.