Face Off: Trump for President


Senior Jack Kleck

Jack Kleck , Guest Columnist

In regards to choosing a presidential candidate in November, the answer is clear. 

President Donald J. Trump should be re-elected. Donald Trump is the best choice for president in 2020 and he has shown why in his last four years as president. The fact is that the economy runs this country and without it, nothing else matters. Donald Trump has done more for the U.S. economy than any president in modern history. 

In the Obama administration, the Dow Jones never reached above 20,000 points. Under Trump, even during the pandemic, it still remains above 28,000 points. Under Trump, we have seen the highest economic growth in terms of the stock market since the post-Great Depression era. 

Additionally, the United States saw its lowest unemployment rate in history at 3.5% nationwide. Trump also achieved the highest average wage for the American worker-above $30 an hour, a number never seen in American history. These few statistics provided by BBC only scratch the surface of Trump’s positive impact on the American people. Again, he improved upon Obama with the lowest poverty rate the United States has ever seen at 10.5%. Once again, he cares for the people of his nation, especially minorities. During his term, the lowest black unemployment rate in our country’s history was recorded at 5.4%, according to The Washington Post. 

There is no doubt that he has proven that he knows how to manage the economy and his fiscal policies are fantastic based on the numbers seen during his first term, but his social policies are just as strong, especially for Catholic students here at Cathedral and Catholics across the country with his stance on abortion. He is pro-life, meaning he believes life begins at conception and that any abortion is taking an innocent human life. 

The same cannot be said for Joe Biden, and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, who are both supporters of pro-choice policies. It’s important to support our Catholic values and morals in the polls and the best way to do that is to vote for the pro-life candidate. 

Let’s vote for four more years of a strong economy and sound fiscal policies and vote for a candidate that protects the lives of the unborn at all costs. So I ask every student who is eligible to vote to join me on Tuesday, Nov. 3 by voting for Donald J. Trump.