Gift Shop gets in Christmas spirit


Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

Christmas is an important time, especially here. This time is special for two main reasons. Clearly, the first and most important reason is that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. But there is also another reason this day is in important to students — the end of finals. As Christmas approaches and the semester ends, several places around campus have embraced the holiday spirit.

One location on campus that has especially gotten into the Christmas Spirit is theGift Shop. Normally the gift shop sells things like candy, books, and spirit wear/uniforms. Now, in addition to those items, things like ornaments and Christmas mugs were sold to encourage students to get into the holiday spirit. The Christmas sale will continue until just after students return from Winter Break.

The clerks working at the desk in the gift shop said a lot of students noticed. Many would come in and either purchase the holiday items or simply comment on how much they liked the decorations.

More Christmas decorations are also placed around campus in places like the handrails outside of Loretto Hall and the Shiel Student Life Center.

Students are looking forward to Christmas break and it seems the school is too.