Religion teachers prepare for freshman retreat

Covid-19 precautions will be in effect for the Class of 2024


Anne Marie King

Theology teacher Mrs. Cece Kasberg teaches a theology class — now known as a religion class — last spring.

Alysse Neal , Reporter

This year’s freshman retreat and reconciliation will be like no other, as it will adhere to strict social distancing rules.

Mrs. Cece Kasberg ’83, a freshman religion teacher, said the retreat will take place Oct. 14 in six different locations, with four of those on campus: the Mimms Gym, the WAC, the auditorium and the cafeteria. The other two locations will be at Brunette Park and Laurel Hall. 

Students will be assigned to one of the six locations, and  there will be a lead adult along with several peer mentors. 

Kasberg said, “The freshman day of recollection typically (focuses) on the Holy Cross core values. In the past we tried to squeeze all nine (values) into a day, which is just too much. The freshman religion teachers got it down to four, and these are the four the religion teachers are really trying to hone in on: excellence, option for the poor, family and inclusiveness and diversity.” 

The group leader will talk about excellence, while the peer mentors take turns speaking on the other topics. Between each talk and reflection, students will have a 15-minute break. 

During the midst of Covid, a few things had to change. Lunch will not be catered this year as in the past and students have been asked to bring their own lunch or a sack lunch will be provided for them. Students will partner with their current peer mentors, and for those on campus, their time outside may be limited. 

The goal of the freshman retreat is to gain knowledge in the core values and to build positive relationships. On Oct. 14, Kasberg said educators hope everything will go as planned and the students will have a good time and learn more about their faith.