Drivers provide safety both on the road, in the bus

Precautions include spacing of passengers, cleaning of surfaces


Avery Stuckey

A driver waits on the circle to pick up his students for his afternoon route. Drivers are doing extra cleaning on the vehicles to ensure the safety of their riders.

Avery Stuckey, Reporter

Precautions were immediately made on campus for Covid-19, including how students are transported to and from school. 

Many families rely on the bus, so changes were made to keep this mode of transportation up and running. Transportation director Mr. Greg Bamrick explained how students are taken to and from school safely. “We have reduced the number of students in each shuttle so we can be sure to space the riders out,” Bamrick said.

Due to this spacing, a new vehicle has been added to the fleet. Bamrick said, “We added another shuttle on the route so we could space out.” Along with the new shuttle, a new driver had to be hired.

Spacing is not the only precaution being made. Disinfecting the bus after each trip has become the new normal for the bus drivers. “After we get the kids to school, we disinfect the buses with the disinfectant spray,” Bamrick said. Areas that are commonly touched are focused on to avoid potential spreading of the virus. “We have disinfectant spray that we spray on the seats and on the high-touch areas such as the door handles and the rails,” he said. 

The precautions that have been taken appeared to have worked. “So far it’s been successful. Our ridership continues to be at its maximum,” Bamrick said. 

The reason these adjustments are working is because of the patience of everyone involved. “A positive from this change is the cooperation between the student, parents and drivers,” Bamrick said.

Along with the success has come some challenges. Bamrick said, “Trying to use protocols, figuring out routes and additional costs.” 

However, these challenges don’t stop the drivers from wanting to help. Bamrick said, “Drivers are highly trained and dedicated to the mission of the school.”