Sophomores and juniors await their PSAT scores

Counselor notes change in procedures for this year’s test


Cathedran file photo

Classrooms in the theology hallway were among those used for the PSAT on Oct. 14.

Maddie Taylor , Reporter

Now that sophomores and juniors have taken the PSAT, they now wait to receive their scores, which be will released in mid-December, according to counselor Mr. Martin Kirkwood. 

Kirkwood said, “We’ll have (students) go to their College Board account and have them link it to Khan Academy. It’s really cool because it will show you what subjects you need to work on to improve and help you with those.” 

Both classes can access this resource, but it is primarily for juniors so they can be prepared for the SAT. Junior Victory Sampson was one of the students who took the PSAT on Oct. 14. He said, comparing his experience to that of his sophomore year,  “I was much more confident on the test this year.”

This year’s PSAT has been one like no other. Along with most aspects of life, Covid-19 has impacted the way that the PSAT was administered. Kirkwood said, “We had to make sure we had social distancing, six feet vs. the normal three feet, so I was able to fit fewer students in a classroom.”

Sampson said, “Due to the safety protocols put in place, the experience was more or less reminiscent of last year’s. However, that’s only my experience. I can imagine the amount of heightened anxiety most people have had due to the virus affecting their scores.” 

Kirkwood offered some advice to those worried about upcoming college admission test. He said, “Relax and do your best and know that a test score doesn’t define you, but it is used for important topics and to use the resources provided.”