Custodial, maintenance staffs carry out extra duties

Staff works to sustain a safe and clean environment


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The CDC has issued a temporary pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.

Zoey Johnston, Reporter

While students were away during fall break, the custodial and maintenance staffs took advantage of the empty classroms and hallways to perform extra cleaning to help combat Covid-19. 

Normally on Mission Mondays, basic maintenance and custodial work is carried out. The staff deep cleans every surface in the school, including windows, desks, and carpeting. Also, they take out the trash, sweep the floors and restock the bathrooms.

Over break, routine cleaning was done, but with even more. Since they had more time, the custodial staff was able to clean offices and other spaces they normally wouldn’t be able to get to on Mission Monday.

Facilities coordinator Mrs. Gara Schommer said, “We are staying consistent with our cleaning protocols for Mission Mondays, which allow for maintenance and technology to make classroom repairs when the classrooms are emptied.”

The custodial staff aims to keep the school safe and clean every day. They’re led by Mrs. Betty Graham, and she has nine other employees working alongside her. “They word hard and would love a quick thank you or a simple smile. It’s amazing how much appreciation and building connections makes a difference.”