In school’s mock election, Trump defeats Biden

Students select Holcomb as Indiana’s governor


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Senior Eric Dickey casts his vote in the mock election during B period on Nov. 3.

Megaphone Staff

If the rest of the state and nation votes the same way as did Cathedral students and teachers on Nov. 3 during the school wide mock election, Donald J. Trump will serve a second term as President and Eric Holcomb will have four more years in the governor’s office.

Social studies teacher Mrs. Jill Twilleager set up the mock election, which allowed students to vote during B period via a Google document. Twilleager released the results when voting closed at the end of the period.

President (681 total votes): Republican Donald J. Trump received 52% the vote, with Democrat Joseph Biden getting 43% and the remaining 5% of the votes cast for the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen.

Governor (670 total votes): Incumbent Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) easily defeated his opponent, Woody Myers (D), 60.4% to 31.5%. Libertarian Donald Rainwater finished with 8.1% of the vote.

Indiana Attorney General (662 total votes): Tood Rokita made it a Republican sweep, as he finished with 59.4% of the vote to Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel’s 40.6%.

Based on a four-grade enrollment of a little more than 1,000, and considering that teachers also participated, about 60 percent of the students participated in the mock election.