Face Off: It’s not too early for Christmas music

Ella Bundy

Ella Bundy

Ella Bundy, Reporter

Christmas is the time of year where children wait impatiently in their beds for the footsteps of Santa Claus. Parents desperately attempt to set up presents in a way that will seem most magical and family gatherings for celebrations are planned. It’s a time of joy, a time that typically lasts around a month until the tree is taken down and the holiday spirit fades away.

However, it’s not too early to start celebrating with the Christmas spirit. While Halloween pumpkins languish and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it should be time to start listening to Christmas music.

Everyone knows that some of their most exciting childhood memories come from Christmas. Sure, the holiday can be very overwhelming with trying to get everything just right, but that’s why we should start now. Before all the panic sets in.

Christmas music takes you back to your most nostalgic memories, whether that be about getting your dream bike when you were 5 or opening a new phone when you were 14. Christmas music is often joyous and upbeat, and many studies have shown that your mood changes with the type of music you’re listening to. We all hate that feeling between Thanksgiving and Christmas, where you’re desperately rushing around trying to get everything done, but there’s nothing fun to do except for waiting.

Christmas music will keep you in a festive mood and remind you to get that one gift you’ve been forgetting about or to start planning what you’ll be doing for the holidays.

Studies have also found that listening to Christmas music for longer periods of time can help strengthen your memory, your attention span, and your positivity. Music therapy is a practice where music is used to make people happier and help them to get over some of their issues.

So why be a Grinch and say no to early Christmas music when you can make yourself a happier and more productive version of you?