Face Off: It’s too early for Christmas music


Zoey Johnston

Zoey Johnston, Reporter

The Christmas season is one of the most jolly times of the year. From decorations to presents, everything about the season is full of cheer. Christmas music is very important when getting in the holiday mood. However, some people like to argue that Christmas music should be played at the start of November, but it shouldn’t.

Christmas music has a time and a place. After Halloween, there’s a month and a half until Christmas. It seems people just forget entirely about November and jump straight to the jolly festivities of December. Instead of skipping right to Christmas, we should go from one holiday to the next.

November is the month for Thanksgiving. It’s the next holiday after Halloween, and it, instead of Christmas, should be celebrated during November. There’s great food, decorations and fun festivities (at least pre-Covid) all over the country. Every month has their own thing, and Christmas is for December, not November.

Also, playing Christmas music too early can irritate people if it’s played too loud and too early in the year. It’s usually the same songs over and over again every year. “Jingle Bells,” “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” are great examples of overdone Christmas classics. I hear these songs way too many times during the holiday season, and even though they may be classics, it’s a little much having to listen to them during November.

Furthermore, Christmas music is a reminder that you’ll have to buy presents and have people over. People react to that by making impulsive decisions and going shopping too early. That’s why select retailers play Christmas music after Halloween: it makes you think you need to buy gifts, which helps their sales go up.

If you want to listen to Christmas music before the actual holiday, do it during the actual Christmas season, and not at the start of November. People don’t like to be reminded of the obligations that come with the holiday season, and you can’t just forget about Thanksgiving. Listen to it during December instead of right after Halloween.