Game admission now requires online ticket

System is put into place to limit seating in the WAC


Screen capture

Students now show a ticket on their phone rather than their ID to be admitted to home games in the WAC.

Kahmara Munn, Reporter

In the past, students coming to a basketball game in the WAC would show their ID and walk in. But not this year.

Covid has kept a handful of activities from happening, but Athletics Director Mr. Rick Streiff said home games as of Nov. 10 continue, but with a different method for students to attend.

Streiff said,  “We can have 50% capacity in the Welch Activity Center, which is 500 people. That always can change depending on (Covid),” Streiff said. “(The bleachers) are marked for social distancing and we encourage families to sit together in those marks.”

Ticketing is now being used by scanning a QR code that is given to you online when you buy the ticket. “It’s pretty convenient.” Streiff says. Even if you leave your printed ticket at home or your phone dies, the ticket taker can search your name and check it off, Streiff added.

At home games, the way food is served also has changed. Concession workers are now assigned to one task. “We would have one person (serving) the hot dogs and that’s the only thing they do. They don’t touch anything else and then they’re packaged with foil, and it would be the same thing for boxed popcorn,” Streiff said. Other items that are pre-packaged like Chick-fil-A sandwiches are also available at concessions.

Thus far, volleyball season was completed without interruption and the women’s basketball team has played one home game. Streiff said, “How far we get is based upon everybody kind of taking care of their business and doing what they’re supposed to.”