Dungeons and Dragons stays active despite Covid

Zoom, Discord become options instead of in-person competition


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Students attended the Dungeons and Dragons callout meeting in the library at the beginning of the school year.

Ethan Lamar, Reporter

Dragons, monsters and heroes come together over Zoom for the Dungeon and Dragons Club. Librarian Mrs. Jenny Herron serves as the moderator, but the student dungeon master runs the campaign. Although the club can’t meet in person, Herron says that they still have fun. 

The Dungeons and Dragons club started in 2015 and at this year’s callout meeting they saw the most people they’ve had yet, more than 40. The club used to meet on Mondays in the Baker board room or the fishbowl in the tech center. The meetings would last anywhere from two hours after school until 7 p.m. Herron says that although the students aren’t enjoying it as much due to meeting over Zoom, they still have fun. The students have introduced Herron to a new form of online communication called Discord. “I don’t play, but I still enjoy seeing the students escape to a new fantasy world,” Herron said. 

Herron says that even if you have never played, you can join the club. She keeps a stash of 20-sided dice at her desk to give to students that want to join or try playing Dungeons and Dragons. There are four dungeon masters this year who all lead their own campaign which can last anywhere from a month to a whole year depending on how the dungeon master likes it.

Herron says that the dungeon masters also have their own schedule because they now all can communicate from their rooms. “The dungeon masters provide a really great environment for students who love fantasy and gaming,” Herron said.

The club did have to shut down last March when the campus closed, but even though Herron didn’t have Zoom and Discord figured, out the dungeon masters created discussion rooms for everyone to continue playing. Herron said that she misses seeing all of the students’ faces as they play. 

Herron said she has considered having the club meet outside just to see everyone but it hasn’t been able to happen yet. More information about club meetings and times are posted on the screens around the school, or you can visit Herron in the library.