Home basketball game attendance capped at 150

Limit results in no students being allowed to attend as fans


Cathedran file photo

In the past, fans filled the seats during basketball games in the Welch Activity Center, but that will not be the case this year.

Dallas Wright , Reporter

Basketball games in the Welch Activity Center will look very different this winter compared to last season, with 85% of the stands empty.

Athletics Director Mr. Rick Streiff said only 150 spectators will be allowed to enter the WAC, which all but prevents students from being able to attend, as each player is allowed to have two adults, typically their parents, at the game.

Streiff noted that chairs on the bench are staggered and that players and coaches will wear masks while seated on the bench and not playing. Those chairs as well as the scorer’s table are disinfected after each game.

While the concession stand in the WAC lobby is open, personnel are selling a limited selection of prepackaged sandwiches, chips and candy.

Streiff said, “Let’s keep social distancing and wearing masks so we can keep playing.”