Brain Game team to compete on Dec. 3

Competition against Perry Meridian will take place over Zoom


Megaphone file photo

Vice Principal Mr. Mark Matthews explained the rationale for all classes meeting on Oct. 14.

Nick Bozzelli-Levine, Reporter

The Irish Brain Game team will test their smarts against Perry Meridian at 3:30 in Room 4340 on Dec. 3.

After worries that the team wouldn’t be able to compete due to multiple members being quarantined, Mr. Mark Matthews, vice principal for academics and Brain Game co-moderator, was able to pull together enough competitors. Matthews wanted to emphasize his regard for the team’s efforts and his hopes that others may join in the future.

For the Brain Game team, having to cancel two matches due to the pandemic, adjusting has been rather tough. “It’s been a challenge to say the least,” Matthews said. “It’s more difficult because we’re not in person for the matches, we’re doing it over Zoom. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the other team’s answers.”

The team plans on having to cancel one of the highlights of the experience as well. “We probably won’t be able (to get) together for our big tournaments where we have 20 to 30 schools that are represented.”

Although the situation is not ideal, Matthews said he is proud of how the team has worked together.

“We’ve won two of our three matches,” Matthews said. He said that he’s also seen promising signs of leadership and as he’s had “seniors step up and offer to conduct some online practices and send out review materials.” Having coached at two other schools, Matthews said he believes the competition provides an opportunity for students to shine. “I’ve been involved in academic competitions for 28 years now as a coach, and I love that students have an opportunity to be involved in a team activity that’s not sports related,” Matthews said. “It’s a fun way to get to know students outside the classroom.”

Matthews wanted to invite prospective students to consider giving Brain Game a try. “It’s not too late to join,” said Matthews. “The truth is, we have lots of seniors, so we’ll definitely need to recruit people for coming years.” According to Matthews, the team now typically meets once a week and he asked for anyone interested to email him with any questions. “I’m always welcome to new people (for them) to try to get involved,” Matthews said.

With many sports, clubs and activities getting postponed or canceled altogether, according to Matthews, the Brain Game team has worked to figure out how to move forward. “We’ve done well despite the difficulties,” Matthews said.

With more matches coming up, likely in January or February, Matthews hopes to continue to support his team and possibly even gather new members for Brain Game. “It’s a joy for me to work with the students who are a part of it,” he said said.