Writing Center to reopen Jan. 17

Department co-chair, principal make it happen


Tommy Callaghan

Seniors go through Writing Center training session

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor


After being absent first semester, the Writing Center will now be available to students starting Jan. 17. Originally, the Writing Center’s opening was not expected to be delayed but major changes to the schedule proved to be a challenge.

Students who volunteer receive National Honor Society points, one point for every two sessions attended. Training for the students will be completed every day of the cycle until opening day for the Center.

Volunteer English teachers such as  Mr. Joe Vollmer, Mrs. Sue Welch, Mrs. Melinda Bundy, Mrs. Nancy Wheeler, Ms. Laurie O’Brien, Mrs. Liz Browning will be assigned to supervise the Writing Center on certain days of the schedule cycle.

English Department co-chair Mrs. Kathy Keyes and Principal Mr. Dave Worland, go the ball rolling so that the Writing Center will now be open during flex periods.

Opening for the first semester was a challenge because students in the past were able to eat and work all during lunch. With the adjusted schedule, though, lunches became too short and that was no longer an option.

Keyes said, “Mr. Worland has been really supportive of the Writing Center. We met with him mid-semester and just told him we were having a really difficult time finding a way to make this work. So he basically said, ‘Whatever you need, I’ll support.’ So we went with flex because we thought that was the time students would have most available. Of the seven-day cycle, the Center will be open four. That means days with County, late-start and things like all school Mass, Writing Center will be closed. We’ll have to be flexible with it, but we want to continue to be of service to students.”