12 Books of Christmas is an annual school tradition

Students share their recommendations for holiday reading


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Each of the 12 school days before Christmas, the library shares a student recommend book for reading during the break.

Ethan Lamar, Reporter

The 12 Books of Christmas gives students a chance to show others what they enjoy reading.

Students and teachers can recommend books by emailing Library/Media Assistant Miss Alannah Cataldo or Librarian/Media Specialist Mrs. Jennifer Herron. Cataldo said, “The more people that send in recommendations, the more fun it is to know what the students are into.”

The 12 Books of Christmas is a long-time school tradition heading into Christmas break. Cataldo takes recommendations on a first come, first serve basis. One of the latest books that was sent out was the Star Wars Thrawn trilogy. Cataldo said, “If you haven’t read the Thrawn trilogy and you are watching ‘The Mandalorian,’ you should read it.”

The summaries in the emails most of the time are written by the student who recommended it. Cataldo uses this text because, as she said, “(It is) more interesting to hear it from a person’s point of view.”

Cataldo is still taking recommendations for the the week of Dec. 14, so if you want a book to be in the 12 Books of Christmas, email Cataldo, Herron or the library’s email at [email protected].