Basketball coaches, teams adjust to the new normal

Severely restricted crowds among this season’s changes


Maggie Johnson

This year’s men’s basketball home opener featured a mostly empty gym due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sterling Reyes, Reporter

Covid-19 has provided many challenges for everyone, and this is true as well for the nine basketball seniors.

Men’s basketball Head Coach Mr. Jason Delaney and women’s basketball Head Coach Mrs. Lisa Finn noted the challenges of playing in the midst of a pandemic and pointed out all they are doing to keep their players safe. 

A typical high school basketball season in Indiana would include large crowds, the pep band and multiple college scouts. However, this year Covid has created adjustments, including wearing masks, increasing space on the bench and limiting crowds.

Finn said, “One of the biggest challenges is perspective, wanting to have the same experience while being safe but staying positive and connected.” They both expressed how this season won’t look like any others from the past. 

Delaney said, “The smaller crowds do affect player performance, since they normally play based off the crowd.” On the other hand, he said with the lack of an audience has created more focus and a stronger mental attitude among his players. 

With Covid changing lots of aspects of the game, the coaches said it has been a challenge to keep a positive perspective through it all, but they hope to keep their players as motivated as possible. Finn said, “Over the summer I had the seniors come up with words or sayings that had a meaning to them, they picked the words decide, commit, succeed.” The men’s team uses the adage “No matter what you face in life, you will overcome.” 

Even with the Covid precautions, teams are still able to compete — as least as of now. Finn said, “You can whine and mope or you can play like it’s your last game.”