On-campus instruction will resume Jan. 12

Date is pursuant to Marion County Health guidelines


Megaphone file photo

Classrooms such this one in Kelly Hall will have students on Jan. 12.

Nicholas Rodecap, Reporter

After initially planning on students returning to campus on Jan. 19, the Marion County Health Department has announced that schools can return to in-person instruction as early as Jan. 4, and school President Dr. Rob Bridges has announced that the first day of in-person learning on the Hill will take place Jan. 12.

Bridges said, “We remain committed to making sure we can all get back on campus together as soon as possible. We are at our best when our students are here with our educators, and we feel that coming back (on Jan. 12) makes the most sense. It is so important that we continue to stay vigilant to the guidelines regarding safety, including mask wearing, social distancing and washing our hands, so that we can stay together once we return.”

Jan. 4 will be an in-service day for educators, and no classes will meet. The first day of the second semester will be Jan. 5 as an eLearning day. Those eLearning days will continue on Jan. 6, Jan. 7 and Jan. 8. Jan. 11 will be a Mission Monday, with on-campus instruction planned for Jan. 12, pursuant to any updated guidelines from the Marion County Health Department. Specific schedules for Jan. 6, Jan. 7, Jan. 8 and Jan. 11 will be announced.

Bridges said, “Until then, I pray for peace in the hearts and minds of our students, educators and parents. Losing Jonathon last week is so hard for all of us, and it reminds us that each day is a blessing and we do not know how many days we have left. We ask God to help us be grateful for each day and to help us to honor Jonathon with daily acts of kindness and goodness. May we all have a wonderful Christmas, and see you all in 2021.”

Christmas break begins on Dec. 18 and runs through Jan. 3.