Christmas with the Cannons

Qujuan says his family will celebrate a soulful holiday


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Covid-19 won’t stop the Cannons from celebrating a stay-at-home family Christmas.

Diana Martinez, Reporter

With all the Covid-19 curveballs that this year has brought, you might think that they would have impacted the holidays in a major way. However, this wasn’t the case for junior Qujuan Cannon, and all 10 members of his charismatic family.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Qujuan and his family aren’t big on presents. “We have more of a soulful Christmas. We focus less on presents and more on spending time with each other,” said Cannon. However, they do still receive small gifts. He said, “The bigger the family, the smaller the presents.”

Nonetheless, since presents aren’t a big deal on Christmas morning, Qujuan mentioned some other traditions that he and his family have every year. He said, “We have a big family dinner, and wear matching PJs. We eat the usual things like mac n’ cheese, ham, some steak, corn bread, desserts.”

Although a family dinner might sound like a common Christmas event, this meal at the Cannons is far from common. With a total of six girls—Aolani, 14; Ahleigh, 12; Aeryn, 10; Arden, 8;Austin, 5; and Alara, 3; — then three boys — Q, who is 19, Qujuan, 17; and baby Aizen, who’s barely 5 months old—you can get an idea of what a family dinner would look like at their house.

In regards to traveling during the holidays, Covid-19 tried but failed tremendously in ruining any such plans for the Cannons, simply because with 11 members in their family, they rarely travel at all. Qujuan said, “Try fitting 11 people in a car. No thanks.”

He said that the only traveling his family ever does is sometimes during the summer to visit their grandpa Rodney, who’s 62 years old and lives in Orlando.

As Qujuan said, his family doesn’t make a big deal out of presents. However, he mentioned that his favorite Christmas gift was a can of barbecue Pringles because, “every year my mom gets them for me, and even though it’s a small and cheap gift, it’s very much appreciated, and something that I’ve always gotten” he said.

In a nutshell, Christmas at the Cannons is all about spending quality time together as a family. Regardless of what happened this year with Covid-19, along with all the other unfortunate events, their Christmas celebrations remain very similar to that of previous holidays and as merry as any other Christmas.