Next year’s senior peer mentors are named

Juniors will enroll in spring class for training, instruction


Danica Morningstar

Earlier in the school year, senior peer mentors gathered with the freshmen on the football practice field.

Diamond Troutman, Reporter

Senior peer mentors have been selected for the 2021-2022 school year.

Ms. Katherine Klee, who is one of two teachers who supervise the peer mentor program, said next year’s mentors will enroll in a class during spring semester that will cover curriculum building, social emotional training, Holy Cross core values, the school’s history and programs including freshman orientation.

Klee said, “I think (the peer mentor program) has been incredibly moving to the freshmen, and I get to see it first hand and see the connections made. I feel like the freshmen know that they have someone that they can turn to from Day 1 in their freshman resource.”

Klee said, “Peer mentoring started over 30 years ago as a way to keep freshmen at Cathedral because (a counselor) noticed (some ninth-graders) were leaving after their freshman year.”

Peer mentoring provides a way to help freshmen be comfortable at their school and to know their way around much more quickly. Klee said, “It has become a strong asset to our school towards the freshmen and made it a secure environment.”

Current juniors named as next year’s senior peer mentor are Isabel A’Hearn, Matthew Bearby, Mary Bedich, Anna Beloat, Kevin Berutich, eid Betner, Nick Bozzelli-Levine, Jay Braun, Kathrine Bremer, Abigail Coe, Jerren Conway, João Dantas, Amelia DeSanto, Paige Emkow, Kennedy Fahle, Kiersten Fisher, Nicholas Fox, Lauren Gallagher, Jack Goheen, Benjamin Gomez, Ella Griffin, Andrew Hahn, Allison Hedrick, Callie Helm, Luke Hern, Gabrielle Hill, Carson Hruskoci, Lilllian Jarrett, Julia Jennings, Magdalene Johnson and Sophia Kemp;

Haleigh Kolosso, August Kowalevsky, John Kraege, Patrick Lee, Ryan Leighton, Elle Lewis, Louden Maciag, Ella Maher, William Mayer, Hudson Miller, Mairead Minch, Chloe Nash, Samuel Neale, Avrie Plunkitt, Janiah Reese, Maria Robles, Gabriel Rodriguez, Joel Russell, Allison Schneider, Steven Schnur, Madelyn Schubert, John Sheddy, Hope Sultzer, Ava Supernaw, Sir Jonathan Thompson, Ethan Velazquez, Lucille Vielee, Meredith Ward, Tatyana West and Sara Wojtalik.