Annual Golden Paddle tournament begins Jan. 22

Guidelines will be in place to help ensure students’ safety


Megaphone file photo

Traditionally, the Golden Paddle finalists compete for the title at the Winterfest assembly, as will be the case this year.

Jameson Browne, Reporter

This year, the 13th annual Golden Paddle table tennis tournament will look a bit different.

But Mr. Anthony Ernst, director of student activities, explained why it was important to continue with one of the school’s favorite activities. In an email, he wrote, “The excitement of all four classes participating is such a big part of the success of this tradition. I also believe that the lure of having a trophy with your name on it and raising that trophy is a big individual draw.”

Ernst, who actually came up with the idea of playing this tournament, said he never thought it would become this popular among students. He said, “It has left quite a mark on the school. I never imagined it would become as big as it has when I brought this idea to (Vice Principal) Dr. (Tom) Greer so many years ago.”

The Golden Paddle will begin competition on Jan. 22 with rules in place in order to keep participants safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.