Face Off: I really want a birthday sign


Ava Amos

Ava Amos, Co-Editor-in-Chief

I know that many people don’t like having their faces on display for all to see when their birthday rolls around, and they beg their parents not to buy them a birthday sign for display at the bottom of the Hill. And I know this because many of my friends are the ones doing the begging.

They don’t want one out of fear for being playfully teased because of an embarrassing childhood photo or nickname being exposed.

However, I like having a birthday sign. My parents have bought me one all of my four years here. I remember when I was younger, I would always drive by the campus and try to read all the birthday signs and look at the students’ pictures. So I was really excited when I was a freshman and could finally have a sign of my own.

Not only is it a fun tradition of our school, but I also enjoy driving up the Hill in the mornings and seeing everyone else’s birthdays and learning who else has a birthday close to mine. This might sound a little conceited, but I like walking through the school and having people that I don’t even know well say “happy birthday.” And the only reason they know is because of the sign.

The only downside I would say is my mom, who, probably like many other mothers, always tries to make me stand in front of my sign to take a picture. I know it’s coming every year like clockwork, and every year I still get a little annoyed if I’m being honest. But overall, I feel everyone should partake in this fun tradition because why wouldn’t you? There’s no harm in it.

I also know a lot of people who don’t want a sign because it’s “lame” or “dumb,” as they say, but there’s no problem with them at all; it’s just a harmless tradition. Birthday signs are an essential part of the Cathedral experience that not many schools partake in. I feel everybody should take advantage of the opportunity and get a birthday sign at least once before they graduate.

Just be sure your parents don’t embarrass you.