Rocket Club plans meeting for Feb. 12

To ensure social distancing, members are asked to sign up


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Rocket Club members gather for a meeting earlier this school year in Brunette Park.

Nick Bozzelli-Levine, Reporter

The Hill has always been adding new and exciting clubs to help students find their interests. Created just a year ago, the Rocket Club is no exception. Led by physics teacher and Rocket Club moderator Mr. Jimmy Miller, the new group of students is aiming for the stars with the goal of having each member design a rocket. 

The club, which meets a couple of times a month, will conduct its first meeting this semester to welcome new members on Feb. 12. According to Miller, the group’s goal is to learn about how a rocket functions, including all the parts within them and the reasons behind each part. “Once we learn about how rockets work, we then apply it,” Miller said.

Each member of the club gets the opportunity to build his or her own rocket, with the year culminating in a launch at Brunette Park, likely in mid to late March this year, Miller speculated. “We do it with friendly competitions. The next upcoming event will be who’s rocket can safely transport an egg up and down without breaking,” he said.

Although Miller has high hopes for the club’s future, the group had a rocky start.

“Originally, when it formed last year, we were planning on participating in a national competition, but Covid really complicated things,” Miller said. Fortunately with some precautions, an internal competition should be possible this year. “We are limited to 15 (students) so we can be socially distant,” Miller said.

It’s not rocket science to understand this club would gain a rapid following.

“We’ve got some new members that are possibly going to join us from the virtual activities fair,” Miller said. “We had a lot of interest in that.”

As the club, along with its incoming members, begins this endeavor, Miller explained that his favorite part was not just the launch itself, but the teamwork and dedication it took to get there. “I really enjoy learning a lot about rockets,” Miller said. “(Also), I really enjoy seeing kids work with glue and all the materials and learning about the engine, how to make sure the weight distribution is proper.”

As the Feb. 12 after-school meeting approaches, Miller looks forward once again to the collaboration and learning that ultimately leads to a successful launch. With the addition of new students and the group’s persistence even through a pandemic, the future for the club is certainly bright indeed. Miller said, “It’s always so exciting to see the creation be a success.”

The meeting will take place in the physics room, Kelly 4308, after school Feb. 12. Miller said members on the email list, which was recently updated after virtual activities fair, will receive an email with a Google form link later this week asking if they are able to attend.

If anyone who is not on the list wants to attend, they are asked to refer to the Feb. 5 student newsletter emailed by Principal Mrs. Julie Barthel for the link to sign up. Miller wrote in an email, “Feel free to check in the physics room after school (on Feb. 12). As long as we don’t have 15 already signed up, we should have room for you.”