Class of ’14 alumnus is studying to become a priest

Ben Sasin answers God’s call to serve the Church


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Mr. Ben Sasin ‘14, third from left in the front row, has answered God’s call to become a priest. On the campus at Notre Dame, he stands with his cohort group that is pursuing a master’s degree as part of each postulate’s preparation for entering the priesthood.

Ethan Lamar, Reporter

Mr. Ben Sasin ’14 has chosen to become a priest.

Sasin went to public school from kindergarten to eighth grade, but he said that going to a Catholic school for high school resulted in him making a deeper commitment to his faith.

Sasin went to Purdue and studied business and management and graduated with a bachelor’s degree before he decided to become a priest. Sasin said, “I believe that this is what God has called me to do.”

Sasin is currently enrolled in graduate school at Notre Dame. Sasin has finished his first semester and is studying philosophy and theology. Sasin said that after he graduated from Purdue, he took a sales job but said he soon realized that it was not meant for him.

Sasin is currently a postulate, which is the position of a student studying to become a deacon. In takes about seven years to become a priest. You start off as a postulate and remain in that position for around six years, then you become a deacon. You are a deacon for only six months before you are take on the role of a priest. There are many requirements to become a priest, such as earning a master’s degree in divinity.

While Sasin was as student on the Hill, he had Mr. Ed Freije ‘99 and Mrs. Katie Lewis for two of his theology classs. Sasin said, “I really enjoyed Mrs. Lewis’s class.”

About her former student, Lewis said, “He was always passionate in his faith. It gives me hope that what we as theology teachers do in class is resonating with some students.”

Sasin was raised Catholic and said he has only grown deeper into his faith as he has gotten older. Sasin said, “I looked up to my pastor at St. Michaels. Even though I was young, I still understood what was going on in Mass.” Sasin said he is also inspired by the mission of the church. Sasin said that he wants to save souls, help others and perform charity work.

Sasin said he is enjoying his studies at Notre Dame and has formed a bond with his seven classmates, even though they haven’t gotten to see each other as much due to Covid.

Sasin said he also enjoys learning about the history of the church and how it came to be the way it is today. Sasin said, “I like the traditions of the church, and one day I want to be able to participate in more of them.”

Learning more and more about the church has not changed many of Sasin’s views  or his own morals. Sasin said, “The one thing that I have noticed is that I pay more attention to the less fortunate.”

Becoming a priest is a lofty and complicated task, but Sasin said, “Be open to how God is in your lives and don’t be afraid to answer whatever he says.” Sasin said he never thought that he would become a priest and felt that he was a person who would be satisfied with a career in business.

He only realized that he was meant to be a priest after he had was employed in the business world. Sasin said, “When I finally started working in sales, I realized that this is not what I wanted to do and it was boring. It’s never too late for you to pursue a life of God and holiness,” he said.

Not only is Sasin happier being a part of the church, he has met many new people with whom he is now friends. He has become close to all of his classmates and they are all different ages, yet again proving that you can always choose the path of God.

Sasin said, “I believe that this is what God has called me to do, and I will become a priest and answer what he asks of me.”