Spirit shop now selling uniform pants

Those stylish khakis now can be purchased on campus


Ainsley Danilson

The bookstore/spirit shop is now stocking and selling uniform pants.

Ainsley Danilson, Reporter

Since its relocation to the lowest level of Kelly Hall, the spirit shop has begun to carry and sell uniform pants. The store continues to offer uniform shirts and sweatshirts, in addition to other spirit gear. 

The uniform pants now being sold in the spirit shop have brought many benefits. “Sales have increased,” said Merchandising Director Ms. Emma Peebles about how stocking pants has brought more customers into the store. “There have been at least 50 customers looking for uniform pants in the past three weeks,” Peebles said. 

She said that she believes this option has made uniform shopping easier for students and their moms and dads. “A lot of parents have mentioned that it’s more convenient to buy all uniform clothes in one place,” Peebles said. Furthermore, the cost of the pants are the same as they are at other stores where they are available. Without an increase in cost, students will know what to expect when buying pants from the spirit shop. 

And the new facility also now has dressing rooms, so students can try on their uniform pants to make sure they fit.