“Alice in Wonderland” cast is announced

Actors and their understudies are listed

Alice in Wonderland cast is announced

Emma Kress, Reporter

Theater director Ms. Maria Souza has announced the cast list for the upcoming performances of “Alice in Wonderland.”

Alice will be played by Ellie Moores; White Rabbit, Aidan Betts; Pigeon, Karsyn Kramer; Bird, Maddie Elson; Caterpillar, Caroline Ward; Caterpillar Attendants: Maitlyn Vastag and Whitley Walton; Fish, Antonio Arroyo; Frog, Ashelyn Lucas; Duchess, Ali Gregor; Nanny: Maya Marshalleck; Cheshire Cat Mouth, Julia Hurley; Cheshire Cat Eye: Scout Andersen and Carrie Dobrota; March Hare, Ethan Martin; also

Mad Hatter, Joseph Mariani; Dormouse, Lilly Cadwell; 2, Jessie Quadrini; 5, Ellie Sagebiel; 7, Caoimhe Knutson; Queen of Hearts, Brooklynn Thorpe; King of Hearts, Sir Jonathan Thompson; Knave of Hearts/Executioner: Colin Chandler; also

Creatures: Karsyn Kramer, Sandra Granados, Madi Keller, Olivia Griffith and Lindsey Huntzinger; Jurors: Olivia Griffith, Lindsey Huntzinger, Ashelyn Lucas and Antonio Arroy; Soldiers and Queen’s Attendants: Sandra Granados, Whitley Walton, Maitlyn Vastag, Madi Keller, Karsyn Kramer, Sandra Granados and Maddie Elson; Narrator: Sam Allee.

The understudies will be Alice, Jessie Quadrini; White Rabbit, Ashelyn Lucas; Duchess, Ellie Sagebiel; Nanny, Maddie Elson; Cheshire Cat (Mouth), Olivia Griffith; Mad Hatter, Scout Andersen; March Hare, Charles Haas; Queen of Hearts, Caoimhe Knutson; King of Hearts, Colin Chandler; Knave of Hearts/Executioner, Lindsey Huntzinger.