Resource officer issues numerous parking violations

Infractions have led to students receiving tickets


Ainsley Danilson

This is an example of a Cathedral High School parking ticket issued to students who violate parking guidelines.

Ainsley Danilson, Reporter

There has been a significant increase in the number of on-campus parking violations by students, according to School Resource Officer Miss Tabetha Emenaker, who has emailed students regarding this situation. 

This year there have been more parking violations than in years past. “In two days, I have given 51 tickets,” said Emenaker. Tickets have been distributed for a variety of infractions. “Some students are not having their pass up, and some violations have been sophomores that are not authorized to park here,” Emenaker. Parking passes are permitted only to juniors and seniors, but some are granted to sophomores under special circumstances.

Parking spots are limited, especially for this year due to construction, so it is important that only students with a pass park on campus. In order to get a pass, the administration “makes sure that the student is in the correct grade, and that there is enough parking spaces for staff and students,” Emenaker said.

In addition, to ensure that students are safe, other measures are being taken to be proactive about parking issues. “A new system may be implemented, where students must scan in their Indiana driver’s license,” Emenaker said. This will verify that students are driving with a license rather than a permit, because you cannot drive by yourself with only a permit.

The officer noted that she did find one student who had driven to school and only had a learner’s permit. Emenaker said she followed up by talking to that student’s parents.

While students receive a ticket for a violation, the tickets do not resemble those one would receive from speeding. “There is no fine, but students are supposed to come talk to me,” Officer Tabby said. If a student who received a ticket does not contact her, then they will have to go see Vice Principal Ms. Kathy Saum. “If a student has multiple violations, then privileges to drive on property could be pulled for a period of time”, Emenaker said.

The officer notes more than just cars without permits. “When I’m out there, I see valuables such as money and jewelry left visible,” Emenaker said. In addition, some students will leave their cars unlocked during the day. “This could be dangerous, so be careful about what you keep in your car.”