New social worker joins the Irish family

Weaver excited to begin new position on campus


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Mrs. Aly Weaver ’12 has joined the school staff as a social worker.

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Aly Weaver ‘12 has come full circle and come back to the Hill. After attending the University of Dayton, earning her master’s degree at Indiana University and working as a school therapist, Weaver has returned to campus as the school’s social worker. 

Weaver said, “It’s different (being back on the Hill) because I obviously have a different role. I can see the different needs of the students, rather than being a part of (the student body).” Weaver said as a student she always wanted to help people, and now she can assist others “as an actual job by helping kids and being there for support,” she said. 

Weaver said that her role as a social worker consists of lots of different things. Weaver added, ”I can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, academic and classroom support. And then I can also provide individual, group and family therapy.” 

Weaver said that one of the main differences between social workers and mental health counselors involves the duration that the individual or group needs assistance. “As a social worker, I’ll be able to help kids automatically. With the mental health counselor, you have to go through an intake process. The mental health counselor would be for ongoing therapy and social workers are there on an as-needs basis and for short term interventions.”

Coming back to the Hill was practically fate for Weaver. “In our 2012 yearbook, I was nominated ‘Most Likely to Work at Cathedral,’” Weaver said. She added that this was obviously not the sole reason she wanted to take up the position. “I’ve always wanted to work here. I’ve done senior retreats since I went to school here, and I’ve always been a part of Cathedral in regards to sporting events as well.”

I’m most looking forward to getting to know the students.”

— Mrs. Aly Weaver '12

Weaver said that returning to campus was exciting. She added, “I’m most looking forward to getting to know the students, but also reconnecting with teachers and staff that I knew when I went here.” 

Weaver has already begun to establish her position on the Hill. Weaver said that she will send a referral form. She said that by using this form, students can refer themselves and present any type of issues or concerns that they have, “even if the issue is just that they’re having a bad day,” she said. After filling out this form, students will be able to come into her office and have someone to talk to.

Students should check their school email for more information once this form is sent out to the school. 

Weaver said that her Number-1 goal for the semester is to provide services and support to any student who needs it. She said, “I also want everyone to now know that Cathedral has a social worker. I just hope that it’s put out there in a good way and that everyone will understand what the role is, especially going into next year.”

Weaver added that she wants every student to know that social work is an open door policy, meaning they can come into her office at any time for any concern that they might have — regarding themselves or another student.