For the Bradshaws, spring break means college visits


Leah Craver

English teacher Mrs. Liz Bradshaw and her family have several college campuses on their itinerary for their spring break.

Leah Craver, Reporter

Traveling during spring break is not as simple as booking a flight and a hotel this year. Students and educators have had to take more precautions if they are leaving town.

Mrs. Lizabeth Bradshaw, humanities director and English teacher, said, “I am going to be taking a few short day trips (for spring break).” Bradshaw said she and her family would visit the University of Dayton, Purdue University and Notre Dame University. Bradshaw said the college visits are for her son, senior Toby Bradshaw.

Last year, Bradshaw said her family did not plan to travel, so Covid-19 did not affect them. However, this year they decided travel was an option for them. She said, “I do think it is safe for people (to travel) who don’t have great health risks.”

She said by wearing a mask and taking basic safety precautions, you can stay relatively safe. 

Bradshaw said, “When we are going to Notre Dame, we will be visiting my niece and so we will be able to take precautions with her.” She said on the other school trips they will drive in walk around the campus then get back in the car. “There will also be no inside visits,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw’s family also had run-ins with Covid-19. She said, “Three of my kids had Covid in January and have antibodies still.” 

She said it is best to spend as much time as you can outside. “This is a way you can rejuvenate and not put other people at risk,” said Bradshaw. “I am hopeful that we are coming to a close of this phase of the pandemic and I really appreciate all the care and integrity that people have shown in trying to keep others safe.”