Covid vaccine is a shot in the arm for English teacher

Mrs. Neale looks forward to her second dose on April 2


Federal Trade Commission website (public domain)

Stickers such as this one are given to individuals when they receive their Covid-19 vaccine.

Andrew Deemer, Reporter

All teachers and staff now are able to receive their Covid-19 vaccine for free through vaccination sites located in various locations throughout the state.

Mrs. Jennifer Neale, an English teacher, said initially she had a difficult time signing up for the Covid-19 vaccine. “I attempted to register at Kroger multiple times, but at Kroger it would only let you sign up for the first dose. It would let you sign up for the first dose if you did not sign up for the second dose, but it would never let me sign up for the second dose. I texted Meijer and waited. I finally received a text back from Meijer about two weeks later that there were appointments available so I signed up on a Wednesday, and I went on March 12.”

After making an appointment for her first dose, Neale had to drive to Meijer located on the Rockville Road in Avon. “Once I arrived at Meijer, my experience receiving the shot was flawless. I walked in there at 10:48 and I walked out at 11:15. It took 10 minutes to register, get the shot and I had to wait 15 minutes afterwards to make sure that I was okay from the shot,” Neale said. 

After Neale received her first dose, she does not know if she feels more secure participating in pre-Covid activities. “I think I will feel safer doing higher risk activities after I receive my second dose on April 2. I have hope that the second dose will help me feel less scared about interacting with people,” Neale said. 

The English teacher said, “I decided to get the shot for the safety of myself and for my students. I think it’s still important that we realize where we are in this pandemic, and how we best help our community, and that we continue to make good decisions.”