Cast, crew are ready to perform “Alice in Wonderland”

Two of the three on-stage performances also will be filmed


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The stage is set for the upcoming performances of “Alice in Wonderland.”

Nick Bozzelli-Levine, Reporter

The fruits of the theater cast and crew’s combined efforts will finally pay off with the production of “Alice in Wonderland,” performed for an in-person audience April 14, April 15 and April 16, with professional filming on the last two days.

But the work isn’t done yet. According to theater director Ms. Maria Souza, the key to success in these final stages of preparation is making sure all of the cogs involved with a show, such as the sound, lighting, props and the actors, are all working together harmoniously.

Right now, the theater team is in the stage known as technical rehearsals. “This is when we add all technical elements: lights, sound, special effects, costumes, etc.,” Souza wrote in an email. “They are building cues and executing these moments to bring the show to life. It requires great concentration and timing.”

Once these elements are perfected, the team plans moves into dress rehearsals. That’s when they bring all of the components of the show together to make one cohesive product. “The cast and crew are working to combine the artistic with the technical to make the show possible,” Souza wrote. She explained that when putting a play together, people are the most challenge component of the production to organize. In addition to lights, sound and rehearsals, a production has got to have the right hearts and minds behind it for it to truly succeed. 

Souza seems to believe she’s got the best individuals for the job.

“This show is full of magic and complicated technical sequences,” Souza wrote. “It really highlights the technical skills of the students behind the scenes.” While the light at the tunnel is starting to seem visible for students on the Hill, with things slowly opening up and families getting vaccinated, it’s important to commemorate all of the victories here: ways in which we persisted against the odds.

 “I look forward to being able to celebrate the work of the students on another production during a complicated year,” Souza wrote. She explained that she really enjoyed the way “Alice in Wonderland: underlines all of the work both in and behind the scenes. “That sometimes isn’t as pronounced in some productions,” Souza wrote. “This production sings it.”