College Board AP review sessions begin April 19

Teachers note what their students gain from participating


AP Daily Live Review schedule from College Board’s Twitter.

Tory Basile, Reporter

Springtime on the Hill can feel different for each student — whether it be the excitement of the spring athletic season, the eagerness to finish out the school year, or the inevitable dread that follows the onset of AP exams. To aid students through their exam season, the College Board has announced that the will be beginning their AP Daily: Live Review sessions on April 19. 

According to the College Board website, “AP Daily: Live Review is a series of live-streamed sessions on YouTube, hosted by AP teachers from across the country, that help students prepare for the 2021 AP Exams.” For more information on AP Daily: Live Review, click here

Advanced Placement teachers on the Hill are no strangers to Live Review sessions. Dr. Aarti Brooks, AP Biology teacher and STEM director, said she has used the sessions before, noting, “Last spring, while in quarantine, they started Live Review sessions.” College Board has begun to offer several virtual resources in the era of Covid-19.

As for thoroughly preparing her AP students, Brooks also said, “One of the best ways to prepare is to take practice exams. Working through questions allows kids to not only review content but see what is expected while comparing to the rubric, how questions are worded, and learn possible approaches to take if faced with similar questions. Throughout the year, I give questions off previous AP exams on their tests or for practice alone. Days before the AP exam, I try to give free response questions from the different content areas to refresh the content and discuss how to approach and answer the question.”

Other teachers on the Hill offer their own sort of live review sessions. Mr. Anthony Ernst, who teaches AP World History and AP European History, said that he typically offers both office hour review sessions and Sunday review sessions for his AP students. 

In terms of designing his reviews, Ernst said, “I used (College Board’s) videos and built reviews from the videos for the students.” He continued, “I do several weeks of review. We do Sunday review sessions. Some of my (AP students) are doing office hour reviews two to three days a week. My AP World students are doing the two-hour chunk review on Sundays, so we’re doing bigger block reviews via zoom.” 

For more information on AP exams, students can reach out to their teachers, the counseling department, or visit College Board’s website.