Trainer outlines process for April 21 physicals

Community Sports Medicine doctors will be in the WAC


Madeline Sheddy

Students must file a form confirming they have completed an athletic physical in order to participate on a team sport next year.

Madeline Sheddy, Reporter

Athletic trainer Mr. Michael Hunker notes the advantages of student athletes having their physicals completed at school on April 21 in the Welch Activity Center. 

Hunker said, “The physicals cost $25. (A physical) is a multi station screening, and we’re just making sure that people playing sports are healthy enough to participate in sports. 

“(Your) height and weight will be measured and vision will get checked. They’ll check your blood pressure and have your pulse taken. They’ll have a doctor listen to your heart and lungs. Then, they’ll also have an orthopedic doctor review if you’ve had any bone or joint injuries. It probably takes somebody about 20 minutes (for the physical).”

The time slots for the physicals: Current juniors at 6 p.m., current sophomores at 6:30 p.m., current freshmen at 7 p.m. and incoming freshmen at 7:30 p.m.

Several doctors from Community Sports Medicine will perform the physicals and coaches will provide supervision.  

Hunker said, “(The benefits) include having access to a variety of doctors. The doctors that are here are all trained in sports medicine, versus a family doctor who is very good at what they do, but it’s not their area of specialization. They’re not necessarily best suited to address any problems that an athlete might have.”