Applications for Student Council due April 30

Faculty moderators will review forms, select candidates to run


Cathedran file photo

During the welcome assembly two years ago, Student Council members huddle up before the event.

Ainsley Danilson, Reporter

The process for electing next year’s Student Council representatives has begun and ends with the application deadline on April 30.

“There will probably be 10 to 15 students that will run per grade,” said Mrs. Kim Jamell, Student Council moderator. Out of those students who run, there are about five students from each grade are elected.

The process of running for StuCo starts with the application. “Students should fill out a hard copy of the application,” Jamell said. Applications are due on April 30 at 3 p.m. and cannot be turned in late. “Once applications are in, then I run them by (Vice Principal) Ms. (Kathy) Saum to ensure that the student is well-fit to run for Student Council,” said Jamell.

While class officers are separate from Student Council, they still are eligible to run. Mrs. Jamell said, “Typically you won’t get to do both, but if you would like to run, it is allowed.”

Following the applications, those who the moderators choose will proceed to the interview process. “Students will have an interview with Mr. (Ed) Freije, Mr. (Matt) Cannaday or myself,” said Mrs. Jamell, who will then contact selected students so that they can begin campaigning. Campaigning will take place from April 30 up until May 7, the day of the elections. “In the elections, juniors vote for juniors, freshmen vote for freshmen, and so on,” Jamell said.

Since the Student Council elections are annual, students who are not elected have the opportunity to run again the following year. Jamell said, “Even if you aren’t picked this year, it doesn’t mean you won’t get picked next year, so if you want to run again you should.”