Face Off: Being online after break was not necessary


Freshman Ainsley Danilson

Ainsley Danilson, Reporter

Due to coronavirus and safety measures, this year the week after spring break was all eLearning. When students are participating in online school, there is no one to truly ensure that they are paying complete attention to your classes. Often, teachers also struggle to teach their students with online assignments. This can lead to students falling behind, when they come back to the classroom.

 In addition, being in school after spring break allowed students to get back to the learning that they started before the break. This way students and teachers would not have to worry about trying to remember what they started before break while also being online. When students were online, it made it more difficult for teachers to help them if they were having a hard time reviewing the material they learned before break,

 Since teachers cannot completely monitor students with online learning, many teachers choose to postpone any tests and quizzes until students return to school. This can lead to classes having to wait to start new units and lessons until we returned to school.

 Online classes last only for one week, which meant that students were out of school for an additional seven days following the end of spring break. While this was helpful for Covid safety, many students stayed on vacation and therefore did not quarantine for that week. Since there were still some people on vacation, that could have also been a distraction from schoolwork in addition to not being fully engaged in person.

 At this point in the school year, students and teachers are in the homestretch, and during this time, many can feel a lack of motivation. This makes it that much more important for students to be engaged in class in order to remain focused on finishing the school year.

 For students who are taking AP classes, exams are coming up very soon, which means they are nearing the end of the material. Since teachers need to ensure that the students have learned everything they need for the exams, some may be moving at a faster pace. This could present a challenge when being online.

 Being in person the week after spring break would have been highly beneficial for students and staff alike. Students could have started learning just like before break immediately, without having to worry about understanding the material after learning it online. Teachers would have been able to teach in a more typical fashion without working around the challenges that online learning presents.