School will no longer use online textbook service

Teachers will post list of required materials on Schoology


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Vice Principal Mr. Mark Matthews explained the rationale for all classes meeting on Oct. 14.

Darryn Ely , Reporter

Next year parents will no longer have to navigate an online process for ordering textbooks for their sons and daughters.

Vice Principal for Academics Mr. Mark Matthews said, “We decided that teachers could easily recommend books that they need their students to purchase and can give them direct links to Amazon or other sites where families can make the purchase.

“That way if there are problems, the parents or student can deal directly with whomever they purchased the book or code for an eBook. This will allow families to shop around and find better prices. In addition, for regular books, students will be able to pass them to a sibling or friend instead of having to buy a new one.”

The vice principal noted,  “The new system will be pretty simple. Once teachers have decided on the books, they will publish them on their Schoology page. Some teachers will not even require texts but instead will be able to use online resources or choose from several free options. There are many open source texts available these days, and some of them are very good.

Matthews said teachers will meet over the next few weeks to finalize textbook selections. He said, “I know many teachers already who have found free or inexpensive options. My hope is that we will be able to provide great resources at a better price for our families.”

Matthews explained his hope for textbook prices will to be less inexpensive in many cases than they have been in the past. Matthews said, “In the end, I think it will be very much like it is now. Some courses will have online texts and some will have physical textbooks. Again, my hope is that we can create an overall savings for families, streamline the process and take care of our book needs at Cathedral rather than paying an outside company for that service.”