Innovation Center work shifts to building’s interior

New facility still expected to open next fall


Zoey Johnston

Efficient LED lighting has been installed in the new Innovation Center.

Zoey Johnston, Reporter

After a year of construction, work on the new Innovation Center will come to a close in the coming months, according to Chief Operating Officer Mr. Rolly Landeros, who provided an update. 

As of now, the walls and windows of the space are nearly finished. The new student staircase is under way, and connections between the new space and what was already there are being made. 

The staircase will replace the existing one near the new spirit shop and will connect all three floors into the new Innovation Center.

Progress on the cafeteria has come along smoothly, with most appliances and furniture in the area. When it is operational, there will be stations for specific menu items a pizza oven and drinks.

Plans for the courtyard are also underway. Outdoor patio seating will be added, as well as lights along the walkways and around the grounds. Trees might be added, but this will depend on how and where the retaining walls are placed. Spacing could become an issue and not allow for the trees to be planted, Landeros noted.  

Outdoor patio seating will be available for people to gather and eat. Adding this patio seating area allows for students to eat in the cafeteria, the Shiel Student Life Center or outside, ultimately creating safe social distances as well. 

The construction should be finished early next fall. The new space must be operational by the beginning of the next school year, but some of the courtyard work will not be done until later in the year. Additionally, the construction team will need to go through quality checks and inspections before it’s used to ensure the safety for those teachers and students who will use the new building.

Tours of the new space are mostly virtual at the moment, but a few people have gotten to go inside for a closer look at what’s to come. Landeros has given in-person tours to a few students and teachers while the construction process comes to a close. 

Technology coordinator Mrs. Gara Schommer, whose office is located in the tech support center in Kelly Hall, can provide links and help you find tours of the Innovation Center if you’re interested.