Face Off: The five-day rotation is the better option


Miyanah Perry

Miyanah Perry, Reporter

One of the differences in this year’s schedule was the five-day instead of the seven-day rotation. Last year, I solely depended on PowerSchool to know what the next day’s schedule was, especially on weekends. The seven-day rotation made our class schedules confusing, especially for only being in school for five days a week. So the five-day class schedule rotation for next year will be what is best for students.

Two years ago, I remember shadowing and I remember asking my shadow, “So how does the schedule work?” And she said, “There’s a seven-day schedule and we have a different schedule each day for seven days. It sounds weird now, but you’ll get used to it.” But oddly enough, I never got used to it. So the news of hearing about the schedule change gave me a sigh of relief.

But not only did I think about myself, I also thought about the classes. For the freshmen, a schedule change to something more complex will be difficult to push and could add on extra stress due to the habit of the five-day schedule. For the incoming freshmen, the five-day schedule won’t be hard to push because it’s simple and is applied in the beginning of their high school career.

With the seven-day schedule, it was difficult to know which days we had Mass, a prayer service or a similar activity, but with the five-day schedule, we automatically know that anything extra will happen on Day 3 with the built-in activity period.

This school year has already been stressful enough with the pandemic, protocols, lunch changes, classroom sizes, masks, five-minute sanitizing  and every other change that we’ve had to make, so changing the schedule benefited us personally in asking, “What day is it?” since the day numbers line up perfectly with the weekdays.

For my freshman year, the seven-day schedule added unnecessary stress that could’ve been easily solved if we applied the five-day schedule earlier. So why change it? The five-day schedule makes things more simple, alleviates stress and adds in the activity period, which helps students when knowing the dates. 

That’s why the five-day schedule rotation for next year will be what is best for students.