Face Off: The five-day rotation isn’t the better option


Austin Wright

Austin Wright , Reporter

There are better options for next year than the five-day schedule rotation. 

When it comes to a schedule it was erfect last year in the first semester with the rotating block schedule. The only change I would make to that would be the start time staying at 9 a.m. This was ideal because this gave everyone the opportunity to go to different classes at different times in the day. 

For example, if you had A period Algebra II and you weren’t very good at math, on the five-day rotation you might have algebra very early in the morning every single Monday and some people might not enjoy that. With the rotating block schedule, you might have math first thing in the morning on a Monday twice a month. This would give more students a break from the early morning classes that they don’t enjoy.

Another reason the rotating block schedule is a good idea is that this gives students a break in classes where they might have a lot of homework. Students could have class on Thursday and then not have class on Friday and have the whole weekend to do important homework or projects. The teachers would also have more time without some classes on a given week to grade papers and/or get ready for the days or week ahead.

The rotating block schedule might also allow for flex to some back in some form. Flex could be built into some of the days in the block schedule. It could also be excluded from certain days to make sure that we are getting enough academic teaching hours required for the school year.

This would also give the Class of 2024 a chance at this schedule to see if they like it. They did not get to experience the full rotating block schedule this year and might like it better than the schedule that was ever changing in this school year.

With uncertainty due to the pandemic, there will also be a sense of change already purposefully implemented into the schedule. This might help to reduce anxiety to those who are worried about changes during the school year. This would make the change easier for some students.